Pre-Marital Agreements Aurora, IL

Pre-Marital Agreements Aurora, IL are often referred to as Prenuptial or Antenuptial Agreements.

Ante-nuptial agreements are written agreements made and entered into before the marriage that set out the rights of the parties in the event of divorce, separation or death.

Many couples find that the best time to prepare a fair agreement is before any issues arise because it is during this time that both parties can see things clearest and be of the mindset to establish terms fair for both.

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Should You Consider a Pre-marital Agreement?

Any couple may choose to enter into pre-marital agreements Aurora, IL, but in some situations it is highly advisable. A few such situations include:

Significant premarital assets: If one or both of the parties has significant assets, a premarital agreement should specify what will happen with those assets upon death or divorce.

Children from a prior relationship: If either party has children, a premarital agreement can define and protect the rights of a child to a parent’s premarital assets in the event of divorce or death.

Second and subsequent marriages: Premarital agreements give couples an opportunity to think through the financial aspects of a planned marriage. It can provide peace of mind that each party’s financial interests will be protected now and into the future.

It gives each person confidence that they can decide their own destiny.


At Motta & Motta LLC, our kane county pre-marital agreements Aurora, IL attorneys have extensive experience negotiating and drafting premarital agreements.

We understand the delicate nature of these negotiations and are adept at protecting our clients’ interests without disrupting the parties’ relationship.

If all of the legal requirements for an antenuptial agreement are not met, then the pre-marital agreements Aurora, IL may be invalid and unenforceable.

At Motta & Motta LLC, we can advise you of all of the specific requirements to make your agreement legal.