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The breakdown of a marriage is usually one of the most difficult and painful experiences in a persons life.

In addition to the often highly emotional aspects of separation and divorce, there are many important legal and financial issues to consider.

Our Divorce Lawyers are Here to Help

At Motta & Motta LLC, we respect the sensitive and difficult circumstances that bring you to us in matters of marriage dissolution.

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The breakdown of a marriage is usually one of the most difficult and painful experiences in a persons life.

Child Support Attorneys Aurora, IL


Child support will typically remain in effect until a child reaches 18 or graduates from high school.

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Your children’s best interests are the dominant factor in Illinois courts’ child custody and parenting decisions.

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A successful adoption requires careful planning and professional guidance through Illinois adoption law.

Visitation Lawyers Aurora, IL


Child visitation orders must accommodate the paramount consideration of assuring the child’s welfare.

Parential Law Attorneys Aurora, IL


Paternity is the legal relationship between a father and his child. Paternity cases involve children.

Protecting our Client’s Property and Rights

We will take the time to listen to you and provide an objective assessment of your situation, and provide you with legal advice based on our expertise representing clients under Illinois divorce Aurora laws.

We will then work with you to assure that all of your legal interests are fully protected. After the consultation, if you decide to proceed with dissolution of your marriage, your divorce Aurora, IL lawyer at Motta & Motta, LLC will represent you throughout the divorce Aurora, IL process.
Motta & Motta LLC divorce attorneys are experienced in handling all divorce-related issues, including maintenance, property distribution, and tax issues raised by a divorce Aurora, IL.

We also provide representation in all types of post-divorce Aurora, IL actions, such as dissolution decree modification actions, enforcement and contempt cases or child custody modification actions.


We work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible result in all divorce actions, as well as to enforce the provisions of their divorce decree. The dissolution process can seem daunting, but actually can be very straightforward – many of the rules reflect common sense and fairness.

An experienced family law and divorce lawyer can explain the entire process and answer your questions.

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“Alison and her husband Bob WILL fight for your rights! Extremely smart and they definitely get the job done.
Talked to them in person after my life had suddenly been altered. They made me feel confident that I can live my life and I also loved the fact that on the very first phone call, Alison waz asking all sorts of questions. They really do care about you and you’re family and she even sends texts just to see how you’re doing. I can’t recommend them enough!”
“Bob handled my divorce. He was very prompt, efficent and professional throughout the entire process. When I first scheduled a consultation I was able to meet with him same day. The petition was filed two days later, and the entire case lasted a little over a year. It was a pretty brutal divorce, but Bob helped me focus on the things that were important and made the process a lot less painful. If I had to do it again, there is no doubt I’d go with Bob Motta.”
Allison D.