What are my Rights Aurora, IL if I’ve been Accused of a Crime?

Those accused of crimes have a number of rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. These rights include: the right to remain silent in order to avoid self-incrimination, the right to competent legal representation, the right to reasonable bail, right to a fair and public trial, right to be informed of the charges against you, the right to be confronted with the witnesses against you and to gather witnesses of your own, and a number of other rights.

What are my Rights Aurora, IL

A criminal defendant is also presumed innocent until proven guilty. This means the prosecutor has the burden of proving (beyond a reasonable doubt) you committed the criminal act(s) in question. This also means a defendant does not have to do anything or say anything to prove s/he is innocent.

Non-Residents can be denied admissibility into the US and an ultimate conviction may result in a Non-Citizen (Criminal Alien) being deported.
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