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When facing drug crimes Aurora, IL charges for possession of drugs or other drug charges, put our experience and understanding of undercover police investigations and sting operations to work for you. Contact our Aurora, IL drug lawyers at Motta & Motta LLC Today, for a free consultation.

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  • Reverse Buys
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Knowing how they operate is invaluable in our preparation of your defense strategy!

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Our criminal defense attorneys represent clients facing both federal and state criminal charges.

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Many drug crimes have maximum penalties of life imprisonment and many have substantial minimum sentences.

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DUI has many different names and is referred to by multiple abbreviations but since governed by State law

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Weapons offenses are most often charged as felonies, especially when the weapon is actually used.

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Drug possession and other narcotic or drug crimes Aurora, IL can be among the most serious. Many drug crimes Aurora, IL have maximum penalties of life imprisonment and many have substantial mandatory minimum prison sentences, even for first-time offenders charged with relatively small amounts of drugs.

Federal and Illinois State drug laws can be very harsh for drug possession of even relatively small amounts of cocaine or heroin, but in particular for possession of small amounts of crack or cocaine base as it is also known.

When facing drug crimes Aurora, IL for drug trafficking, drug possession, sale, delivery or any other drug charges and drug crimes Aurora, IL, it is vital to have an experienced Aurora, IL drug lawyer on your side you can trust to protect your rights. Our number one goal is to fight all drug charges against our clients using our demonstrated successful criminal defense strategies. At Motta & Motta LLC, our top criminal defense attorneys care about your freedom and your reputation.

Our highly skilled team of Chicago Drug Lawyers handle cases regarding:

possession of drugs/narcotics, drug conspiracy, drug trafficking and any other violation of the various drug laws, and all misdemeanor drug charges and felony drug crimes Aurora, Illinois and Kane County, DuPage County, Chicago, IL and Cook County, Kendall County and throughout Illinois.


Effect of Drug Charges for LPR (Legal Permanent Residents) and deportation /removability issues with ICE

– drugs and immigration

Most drug offenses, misdemeanor or felony, are considered aggravated felonies for immigration purposes regardless of sentence and whether your a resident alien or seeking permanent status you need an attorney who understands how a charge or a conviction will effect your status in the United States.

Many criminal defense attorneys DO NOT KNOW that even if you have been in the United States since you were very young but you are not yet a citizen of the US that you can be deported if convicted of a class of offense which falls within the definition of an aggravated felony for immigration purposes. This is NOT a term many state criminal lawyers are familiar with.

An “Aggravated Felon” is a federal category of criminal aliens. Originally created in the 1988 Anti-Drug Abuse Act, “aggravated felony” originally included murder, rape, any drug trafficking crime, or any illicit trafficking in firearms or destructive devices. Congress expanded the category numerous times over the years, and the 1996 laws expanded it to include more than fifty classes of crime, some of which are neither “aggravated” nor a “felony” by criminal law standards (e.g. misdemeanor shoplifting with a one year sentence). A person convicted of an “aggravated felony” after 1996 is subject to mandatory detention (no bond) and mandatory deportation (no pardon). To find out if the charges against you may constitute an aggravated felony for immigration purposes immediately contact a criminal defense attorney at Motta & Motta.

More importantly, if your attorney is unfamiliar with the federal statues involving deportability (whether a LPR can be deported) or inadmissibility (whether someone seeking to adjust their status or be admitted to the US or can be denied admission to the US) you may be at grave risk if you accept a plea. There is a statutory definition of “conviction” for immigration purposes. State law does not determine whether a state disposition will be considered a conviction for immigration law purposes. For example, dispositions involving drug treatment court, deferral of prosecution, expungement, and prayers for judgment continued may be treated as convictions for immigration purposes. If you have been charged with possession of narcotics, sale or delivery of drugs, a drug trafficking offense or any drug or narcotics crime contact Motta & Motta today and speak with a criminal defense attorney about whether you are at risk of ICE initiating deportation proceedings, if you are a legal permanent resident, or removability proceedings, if you are seeking permanent status) and how a drug charge, including as a co-conspirator or accomplice, will impact your ability to obtain permanent status if you are not yet a resident.

If you have already received a OSC (Order to Show Cause) or NTA (Notice to Appear) from ICE you should immediately call an immigration attorney.

Contact a criminal defense attorney at Motta & Motta today for will advice about how your state or federal drug charges may effect your status in the United States and for further detailed information about the relief available to you.


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