R Kelly Divorce Case

Alison Motta Representing R. Kelly’s Ex In Divorce Case*

CHICAGO – Singer R. Kelly at a hearing on Wednesday submitted a $62,000 cashier’s check to his ex-wife as payment toward overdue child support bills. It was the first time that a hearing in the embattled R&B star’s divorce proceedings took place publicly since 2013, which is when a judge sealed proceedings in the case. This time around, a Cook County judge granted a motion by Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea and lawyers for media to unseal the case.

Andrea Kelly’s lawyer, Alison Motta, told news reporters outside the courtroom they’d sought to publicize the case records so R. Kelly would be pressured to make the support payments on schedule. Kelly had faced over $160,000 in past due child support plus another $32,000 in legal fees and other costs.

“Ms. Kelly appreciates the fact that Mr. Kelly is not going to have any special protection above and beyond what anyone else has,” Motta said. “If he doesn’t take his responsibilities seriously, doesn’t comply with his obligations to his children, it’s going to get filed and people will know.”

The payment Wednesday was only one of the reasons why R. Kelly appeared at the Daley Center. He also attended a hearing on whether or not records and hearings regarding his divorce should be opened to the public and to request a reopening of a default judgment against him in a civil suit from by a woman who says Kelly abused her sexually.

Court records indicate that R. Kelly started falling behind on child support payments when Andrea Kelly stated publicly that she had suffered abuse during their marriage, attorney Motta said, adding that the singer did not contribute toward college costs for his daughter which forced her to drop out.

The child support case is continued to May as the funds R. Kelly owes to Andrea Kelly keeps accruing. In the meantime, Motta said her client advocates for those who are in domestic violence situations and that she’s “thankful for all the support she has received from people.”

Alison Motta is a partner at the downtown Chicago and Kane County firm of Motta & Motta.

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